Un événement organisé par

Abdelrahim ALI

  • Chairman & Editor in Chief
  • Al-Bawaba newspaper


Abdel Rehim Ali, an Egyptian journalist and a former member of the Egyptian parliament from 2015 until early 2021, He is an expert on Islamist movements and political Islam. Ali is a member of Egypt’s press syndicate, head of the Arab center for journalism in Egypt and chairman & editor-in-chief of Al-Bawaba newspaper and the portal-center website. He is also the head of the Arab center for research and studies in Cairo and Paris. Ali is regularly hosted as guest speaker for several conferences and seminars in Egypt and abroad. Moreover, Ali has featured in several documentaries and TV programs to share his expertise on political Islamist movements. Ali has also lectured and published widely, and is the author of several studies and articles on a variety of topics related to politics, international relations and Islamist movements. Ali presented several television programs, most notably the “black box” program, which was airing on satellite channel, “Al Kahera Wal Nas”, (Cairo and the people) in 2015 and 2016. It is worth mentioning that he stood alone as a courageous defender about Egyptians’ rights and ambitions, when everyone disappeared either for fear or hypocrisy. He was the one who calls for national unity and revealed the calamities suffered by the Copts in Upper Egypt from. He was brave enough to write in their favor upon going to villages and cities where Christians reeling under the yoke of terrorism as well as killings and expulsion from homes and properties. Media tools either local or foreign, in addition to civil community organizations and parliament committees highlighted his efforts. His ferocious defense on Copts was also appreciated in decision making circles. Ali also wages press and intellectual battles defending the true essence of Islam in the face off lousy terrorist attempts to kidnap Islam and change its deeply rooted principals. His writings and stands were highlighted by the grand sheik of Alazhar. He also gave lectures on free expression, Islam, Copts, democracy as well as cultures and art. Publications: Ali is a prolific author; thus far, he has authored 18 books on the subjects of political Islam and Islamist movements. Recently, in March 2023, Abdel Rehim Ali published his complete works in seven volumes containing 20 books in addition to dozens of articles and studies.

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