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Renew Hope

For the first time and in a very short time, we are witnessing the convergence of economic, social, health, ecological and geostrategic crises. Faced with this unprecedented situation, which is so difficult to grasp, and faced with the temptation to give in to pessimism and resignation, we must act and create the conditions for a way out of the crisis. To do this, we must renew hope.

Yet our world is riddled with uncertainty. What will be the effects of a global recession? What are the issues and challenges in the face of scarcity, whose economic centrality is growing? The Covid pandemic has brought the issue of health and access to it back to the forefront, while the emergence of new geopolitical blocs is reshuffling the world’s maps. We must therefore first assess the impact of these major uncertainties on economies and social cohesion.

However, there are many hopes, whether they concern well-being, work, ecological awareness, technological and human innovations or major social and societal trends. Our approach will highlight, as a priority, twelve areas in which hopes are high.

The worst or the best can come out of crises. On this ridge, everything brings us back to the question of choices, which are decisive, because they determine the society and the world of tomorrow. These choices will be complex and costly. They require strong and well-founded positions to be taken. For this purpose we have created a new format: controversies. These half-hour exchange formats will allow two personalities to present their ideas in a less consensual way, to reaffirm that debates are possible, necessary and useful. It will be a question of testing choices, questioning their realism and validity.

Because everyone must be able to act at his or her own level, we will present our analyses, our ideas and our proposals at different levels of impact: that of individuals, that of territories and companies, that of countries and, finally, that of Europe and the world.

The innovative logic of these 23rd Meetings is based on two pillars: that of hope in the face of uncertainty (Friday) and that of choices enlightened by debate and controversy (Saturday). To give reality to these rebounds, fifteen sessions held on Sunday will allow the major choices of these Meetings to be made.

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