Dominique CERUTTI

Chairman and CEO - Euronext

Dominique Cerutti is the CEO of Euronext and Chairman of its Managing Board. Euronext is a listed company operating regulated and transparent cash and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London and Paris.

Until the acquisition of NYSE Euronext by ICE in November 2013, Dominique Cerutti was President and Deputy CEO of NYSE Euronext and member of the Board. As Global Head of Technology, he was also in charge of both IT and NYSE Technologies, the commercial technology branch of NYSE Euronext.

For much of his career Dominique Cerutti has worked in international roles covering large scale organisations.

Before 2009, Dominique Cerutti spent over 20 years at IBM in various roles including General Manager of IBM Europe and General Manager of the leading market services provider in Europe, IBM Global Services EMEA. He was also a member of IBM’s Chairman and CEO senior leadership team.

Before joining IBM in 1986, Mr. Cerutti spent two years at Bouygues, a French civil engineering company, in Saudi Arabia.

Dominique Cerutti is a Board Member of the LCH.Clearnet Group. He is also a Board Member of Kedge Business School, France.

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