The full agenda for this edition will be published on 1st June 2020.

 Dealing with world’s disorders

For 20 years, Les Rencontres Économiques d’Aix-en-Provence have been a laboratory of striking ideas by being a unique platform of dialogue between the academic community, the business world, the political sphere and the civil society. Our ambition has always been to explore new ways to apprehend major social and economic contemporary issues.

Subjects of the last three editions thus constitute a real triptych around new aspirations, the transformation of our models of societies and the evolution of relations between economic agents. These three years of analysis, reflection and debate have permitted to identify the most pressing issues, understanding everyone’s desires and outlining acceptable global solutions. Yet analyzing and suggesting is no longer enough considering the urgency of all issues our societies are facing. This 20th edition should therefore be dedicated to commitment, a call for action and cooperation.

The seriousness of the current context is now widely acknowledged, but the risks we have identified largely remain without concrete answers: climate change; gradual withdrawal of multilateralism; democratic backsliding; major geopolitical tensions; anxiety about the accelerated development of new technologies; social and territorial divisions; disruption of lifestyles and consumption patterns… This harrowing description, however, must not impair our ability to act. On the contrary, inaction would be the worst response to these various challenges. We must now implement concrete actions at all levels, whether economic or social, technological or political, collective or individual, issued from the public sector or from private initiative… But many obstacles and questions remain:

To ensure undertaken actions produce the expected result, we will naturally have to preserve a rigorous analysis of all dimensions for each problem we mean to address. This will help us to identify subsisting room of maneuver for every actor on all those subjects. Above all however, we will push every participant to express their engagement with courage and ambition, to exchange on good practice and to coordinate in order to multiply impact forces. This is the work we propose to carry out for this 20th edition