Chairman - Rothschild & Co, Spain

Iñigo Fernandez de Mesa is currently Chairman of Rothschild & Co in Spain, President of the Economic Commission at the CEOE, member of the Altamar International Advisory Board and member of the Scottish Power Limited Board of Directors.

Iñigo retired from public office at the end of 2016, having served for five years in senior positions in the Spanish Government, most recently as Deputy Minister of Finance and before that as Secretary of the Treasury from 2012 to 2014. During this period, Iñigo also served as Vice President of FROB (the fund for the orderly restructuring of the financial sector), Board Member of the CNMV (Stock Market Regulator) and the Bank of Spain, and as the representative of Spain in the Euro Working Group and the Financial Stability Board.

His stewardship of the Spanish Treasury, securing access by the Kingdom of Spain to the public capital markets during the peak of the European Sovereign Crisis in 2012, as well as his leadership role in the negotiations of the financial restructuring of the Spanish Banking sector with the European Union will be invaluable to our diverse set of clients.

Prior to joining the public sector, Iñigo held positions at the World Bank, Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital, where he worked as Managing Director in charge of the Public Sector.

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