Philippe HENRY

Global Head of Corporate, Financials and Multinationals Banking - HSBC

Philippe Henry is the Global Head of Corporate, Financials and Multinationals Banking, HSBC Bank plc. He is responsible for business development of HSBC Group’s Multinationals Franchise and Banking business, enhancing cooperation with wider product lines, and optimizing capital allocation and managing risk.

With 30 years of investment banking experience, Philippe has held a number of positions, predominantly across HSBC, including Head of Debt Finance & Advisory for France, European Head of Debt Capital Markets, and Head of Global Banking for Continental Europe and Africa.

Philippe is a Member of Global Banking Executive Committee, a member of Risk Management Committee, HSBC Bank plc, and Chairman of the Board of HSBC Factoring Finance.

He is convinced that big data, analytics and technology have the potential to transform the global investment banking industry into a leaner, more customer focused organisation. He is a key business sponsor to HSBC’s Digital Transformation efforts.

He holds a Master of Finance from ESSEC, and a Master of Engineering from ESME.

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