Jacqueline MUGO

General Secretary - Business Africa

Mrs.  Jacqueline  Mugo  is  the  Executive  Director  of  the  Federation  of  KenyaEmployers. A lawyer by profession, she is a titular board member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization and a member of the Management Board of the International Organization of Employers. She is the Secretary General of Business Africa and the first and immediate past Chairperson of the East African Employers’ Organization. Mrs. Mugo has represented Kenyan and African employers on various forums including the African Union and the ACP-EU Follow- up Committee on Economic Partnership Agreements and the Joint EU-Africa Parliamentary Assembly.

The Federation of Kenya Employers is the most representative and leading employer’s organization in Kenya, representing employers’ interests nationally, regionally  and  internationally  since  1959.  Currently  FKE  brings  together  over 2500 registered employers in Kenya with the representation cutting across all sectors of the economy including public service as well as firms of all sizes.

Business  Africa  is  the  umbrella  body  for  employer  organizations  in  Africa. Founded in 1986, the organization has a membership currently spanning 42 countries in the continent and is currently a key stakeholder in the post 2015 development agenda for Africa. It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya with Mr. Almas Maige of the Association of Tanzania Employers as the President and Jacqueline Mugo of the Federation of Kenya Employers as the Secretary General. The  Executive  Council  has  13  members  drawn  from  different  countries  and regions of the continent.

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