Christian KAMAYOU

Chief Executive Officer - MyAfricanStartUp

Christian Kamayou is the founder of MyAfricanStartUp, the first African platform that facilitates the linking of startups with media and investors. Created in 2015, MyAfricanStartUp is an African private sector support initiative designed to support the creation and development of startups. MyAfricanStartUp offers an online platform to provide digital visibility, an annual meeting of African startups organized jointly with the African Development Bank and, now, the MyAfricanStartUp 100 ranking of the entrepreneurs who will become key players in innovation and the African private sector in the coming years

This world’s first annual ranking of the most innovative  startups showcases 100 startups spanning 25 African countries. It seeks to increase the visibility among African and international investors of startups with high-growth potential.This ranking list enable to provide investors with an efficient tool that both analyzes the market and helps find rare pearls among startups. As an African entrepreneur, Christian Kamayou values the importance of increased visibility in order to attract the attention of those who are likely to help new african businesses grow: media, investors, big firms, accompanying structures. »

Christian is also best known as founder of the first student loan broker in France  A company that mediates between the banks and students in order to provide the best deals.

A graduate of HEC Paris with an MSc in Management, in his spare time he is in charge of the HEC Africa network to make the continent better known to all HEC graduates in France, Africa and elsewhere.

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