Philippe LHOMME

Entrepreneur - Deficom

Philippe is a true entrepreneur. While attending university in Belgium, he launched one of the first private radio stations in the country which he sold to an insurance company.

He then joined the staff of two Belgian Ministers and spent another year working at a financial group investing in media.

In  1988,  Philippe  co-founded an investment  fund,  Deficom  Group  (“Deficom”),  focused  on Communication and Media. Philippe served as its CEO for over 15 years.  During his tenure, he listed Deficom on the Euronext Stock Exchange and conducted dozens of successful investments in Belgium and  Central  Europe  (average  IRR  of  35%):  Canal+  Belgium  and  Canal  +  Polska  (pay  television), Mediatel  (yellow  pages),  Carat  Crystal  (advertising),  NRJ Belgium (radio), Kinepoleast  (cinema theatres)…

In 2003, Philippe left Deficom and started to invest through a private vehicle. In 2010, he took over Deficom, which he now controls (96%) and which has become his flagship. He turned Deficom private and  changed  it  from  a pure investment  fund  into  an  active  shareholder  in  a  limited  number  of companies.

Philippe Lhomme holds a Master’s Degree in Law from the Université de Liège (Belgium), as well as a Master Degree in Sociology and Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium).

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