Philippe GERMA

DIrector - WWF France

An environmental activist since the 1970s, when he joined Brice Lalonde and Friends of the Earth France, Philippe Germa has been part of numerous campaigns to raise awareness about the environment.

This experience gained him a post as technical adviser to the Minister for the Environment from 1988 to 1992, where he not only directed the Ministry’s public relations but also handled major issues such as a bill to eliminate CFCs, removing phosphates from washing powder, setting up public-private recycling partnerships, and passing legislation on water quality and waste.

In 1993 Philippe Germa was a pioneer of the green economy as managing director of Natixis Environment & Infrastructure, an investment fund he founded and then developed to support renewable energy projects, tackle the greenhouse effect and establish infrastructure for sustainable development.

With such a range of experience under his belt, Philippe Germa joined the Board of WWF France in 2008 and became Treasurer in 2012. Philippe has represented the WWF France Foundation in the debate on energy transition and the round table on tax.

He was able to draw on his experience as an activist and an international project manager when he took over the reins of WWF France in February 2013 with a mission to implement our strategic plan, which is firmly aligned with WWF’s worldwide priorities.

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