Patrick ERRARD

President - Le Leem

President of the Leem – Les Entreprises du Médicament (Association of the French Drug Companies).

Patrick Errard was elected president of the Leem (Association of the French Drug Companies) in December 2013, after holding the position of acting president since September 2013.

Patrick Errard, 55, is a gastroenterologist, a former hospital doctor and Laureate of Paris medical Faculty. He began working for the pharmaceutical industry in 1989 when he joined Marion Merrell Dow and then Parke Davis, after 4 years of hospital practice.

Patrick joined Fujisawa in 1995 to create and run the French subsidiary. In 2004, he was appointed General Manager of Yamanouchi as well, and merged the two companies giving rise to Astellas France, company he has been managing ever since.

Patrick held a position on the Leem Board since 2004. He was the President of the Leem Committee for tax and legal affairs since 2010.

Patrick is President of LaJaPF (French association of Japanese drug companies) as well.

About the Leem:

The mission of the drug companies is to discover, produce and provide medicines and vaccines for human usage.

The drug companies established in France are represented by the Leem (Les Entreprises du Médicament) that promotes subjects of common interest for the profession. Its role also involves developing and ensuring compliance with the profession’s ethical guidelines, facilitating exchanges between its members, establishing and promoting ties with other health professions and actors in society, as well as promoting collective efforts for the advancement, quality and economic development of the sector.

Chaired by Patrick Errad, the Leem includes nearly 270 member companies that generate nearly 94% of the total turnover from medicines in France, while employing 100,000 people.



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