Chairman of the Board and CEO - Grupo BMV

Luis Téllez holds a BA in Economics from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Mexico (ITAM) and a Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is currently Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Mexican Stock Exchange. In the past 20 years he served as Secretary of Communications and Transportation (2006-2009), Secretary of Energy (1997-2000) and  Chief of Staff of President of Mexico (1994-1997). Téllez was also Deputy Secretary of Agriculture (1990-1993). As a public servant, he was a key player in crucial policy decisions to improve the structure and the behavior of the Mexican economy in macroeconomic, agricultural, financial and energy issues; such as putting in place the most ambitious program to expand Mexican transportation infrastructure based on public and private financing; participating in putting together the financial package that allowed Mexico overcome the financial crisis of 1995; participating in the design of the bailout program of the Mexican financial system in 1995-1997; leading the expansion of infrastructure for power generation participating and transmission during the late nineties; leading the expansion of the oil and natural gas production in Mexico; participating in the establishment of the fully Funded Pension System in Mexico. Téllez drafted the law which allowed communal land holders to turn their propriety to full property rights, and which also clearly defined full propriety rights to the Mexican rural lands. He was responsible for negotiating the agricultural sector in NAFTA, among others policies initiatives. In the private sector he led the Carlyle Group in Mexico (2003-2006), and was CEO of Desc (2001-2003) one of Mexico’s most important industrials companies. He was member of the board of FEMSA, Grupo México, BBVA Bancomer, Sempra Energy and Global Industries. He is the Mexican associate of McLarty Associates. Téllez is member of several nonprofit organizations such as the Mexican Council of Foreign Affairs and Biodiversity based in Rome.


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