Membre du Cercle des économistes

Present positions :

  • Research Director at the École des Hautes en Sciences Sociales
  • Director of IDEP (Institut of Public Economics, Marseille)
  • Director of the Aix-Marseille School of Economics
  • Head of the Chair in Public Economics and Sustainable Development of the University of Marseille
  • Member of the Economic Council of Sustainable Development
  • Member of the Council for the development of humanities and social sciences
  • Member of the Scientific Council of the Department of observation and statistics at the Ministry of Sustainable Development.
  • Elected Member of the Council of the Society of Social Choice and Welfare
  • Member of the Conseil d’analyse économique ( Council of Economic Analysis)


Positions held :

  • Chairman of the Economic Department of the University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • Vice-President in charge of research of the University of  Cergy-Pontoise
  • Manager of the research center THEMA UMR CNRS


Education :

  • Agregation in Economics
  • Docteur d’Etat in Economics  

Main publications :

  • «Does less inequality among individuals mean less inequality among households», with E. Peluso, in Journal of Economic Theory, 133, 1, 2007, 568-578.
  • «Efficient tuition fees and subsidies» with R.Gary-Bobo, in Journal of the European Economic Association 2008, Vol 6, 6, 1211-1243.
  •  «Equality of opportunity and luck: Definitions and testable conditions, with an application to income in France»  with A. Lefranc, N. Pistolesi  in Journal of Public Economics 2009., vol 93, N° 11-12, 1189-1208
  • « Is power more evenly balanced in poor households ? », avec H.Couprie, E. Peluso,  Journal of Public Economics2010, 94, 493-507.
  •  “A Dominance Approach to the Appraisal of the Distribution of Well-being across Countries”avec C.Muller, Journal of Public Economics 95 (2011), pp. 239-246


Economic field of expertise:

Income distribution, inequality measurement, redistribution, equality of opportunity, taxation, economics of higher education,  voting, housing economics, public economics





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